CFL Pass

They’re here! The 2015 Upper Deck CFL cards are out!

I’m not sure there is a single sports fan that didn’t have a favourite sports card growing up. I *still* have a binder full of Martin Brodeur (my favourite hockey player) cards and I still flip through it once in awhile. One of my favourite memories as a kid was acquiring new cards I didn’t have and I can’t wait to see Marty have his number recorded in New Jersey this February.

You can imagine my excitement when the CFL signed a multi-year deal with Upper Deck last fall to be the exclusive trading card partner of the league.

Upper Deck released its first ever 180-card base set last September and just when I thought I was going to be able to catch up and complete my collection (I still need 22 defensive players), the 2015 set has just been released.

They are now available all over Canada. online and at your local retail.

There are some pretty exciting cards out there this year [Link: ] in the now 200-card base set. Again, there are the Star Rookies, the All-Stars, and 25 autographed Pinball Clemons cards. Get collecting!

– written by Travis Currah