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2 And Out ep. 22 travels back to the future (also past and present)

Now available online is episode 22 of the 2 And Out CFL Podcast, that hour of audio goodness focusing on the CFL, CFL Pick ‘Em, Fantaseh football and, well, other flotsam drifting on the stream of consciousness.

This week’s episode is co-hosted by CFLpass lead writer Travis Currah and Brazilian Ty filling in for healthy scratch John Fraser. By the time you read this, Fraser’s firstborn may be IRL, so best of luck to the Mrs. And John.

After some discussion of babies, engagements and a certain prime minister, the guys get down to all that CFL business. Maybe it’s because today is the internet-decreed Back to the Future Day, but the guys do a bit of time-travelling on the show, briefly visiting timespaces occupied by the 1985 (hey, that’s the year Doc Brown finally got the flux capacitor working!) BC Lions as well as the Ottawa Rough Riders of 1969, 1976 and 1981.

Along with recaps of last week and forecasts of this week, Travis ‘n’ Ty take on topics such as:

•  Is Henry Burris the league’s Most Outstanding Player or can a plausible case be made for Trevor Harris;

•  the importance of Damaso Munoz and Jerrell Gavins for the Ottawa RedBlacks;

•  how the kicking game is becoming a factor as Canada cools down, a factor to watch for particularly in the Ottawa-Winnipeg game on Saturday;

•  seating shenanigans in Saskatchewan (i.e. Let the people sit where they want!); and

•  why Rod Black should be doing commentary on every CFL game – Ty’s kidding on this one, I think…

To check out this week’s 2 And Out CFL Podcast click here or on the banner link directly below.

– written by Os Davis