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2 And Out co-host calls out Michael Sam for CFL comments

Episode 19 of the 2 And Out CFL podcast is now available online. Rather than list the usual rundown of the show (co-hosted by CFLpass lead writer Travis Currah and Saskatoon-based journalist John Fraser and now guesting Brazilian Ty), CFLpass would like to devote today’s space to a specific part of this episode.

Michael Sam arrived with much fanfare within fandom and sports media in two countries, but left the CFL and possibly professional football as a “sad story” after seeing action with the Montreal Alouettes in a single game in August.

But now Sam wants to spin things another way. On the Dan Patrick Show last Friday, the currently OOF Sam spoke extensively about his thus-far brief pro football career with some rather negative words about his CFL experience that sound quite a bit like scapegoating. Among the oft-reposted comments:

“It was a really last call to go to the CFL. I never really wanted to go to the CFL, but I did and I committed to going,”

“I want to thank the Montreal Alouettes for all they’ve done for me, but I wasn’t getting better as a football player. That was one of the main keys, I wasn’t getting better as a football player. It was a different defense, a defense I wasn’t used to, and all the stuff I learned from the Rams, the Cowboys, I thought I was losing that technique in Montreal.”

Well, on this week’s 2 And Out, Fraser speaks out for likely quite a few Canadian football fans in defense of CFL ball – if a bit harshly. Not to broadcast spoilers or anything (heck, the below text is probably 1½ minutes of a 58-minute podcast; plenty else), but CFLpass does want this recorded for posterity.

Said Fraser:

“What he’s done in coming out and being the first openly gay professional athlete is absolutely courageous, but now he’s out here saying ‘the CFL made me worse.’

“No, Dancing with the Stars made you worse. You didn’t spend any time getting ready for the season and you were just another case of another guy from the NCAA or the NFL who didn’t take the CFL seriously enough, [but] these guys can play. You look like a jackass because of this right now...

“I hope he plays in the NFL. I really do. But right now, to throw the CFL under the bus, to throw the Montreal Alouettes organization that gave you a shot when no one else wanted to be within 10 feet of you is classless, just classless.

“I have all respect for him as a person, but these actions as a football player ... I don’t respect.”

Fraser later adds:

“I hope for his sake that the kid sticks, and I hope he learns ‘Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. ‘You could have easily just walked out and said, ‘You know what? The CFL wasn’t for me. It didn’t work. Thank you, Montreal, for giving me a chance.’…”

Have I mentioned that the 2 And Out CFL Podcast is awesome? It’s awesome. Download episode 19 here or click on the banner directly below.

– written by Os Davis