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2 And Out CFL Podcast ep. 18 goes way off the rails, samples Leslie Nielsen

Episode 18 – or, if you prefer, XVIII – of the 2 And Out CFL podcast, hosted by CFLpass lead writer Travis Currah and Saskatoon-based sports journo/controversial figure John Fraser is now available online.

This particular 2 And Out episode gets set with Currah still happily suffering in the aftermath of the AC/DC, but it’s quickly down to business before ultimately going further off the rails than ever before.

This week, The Doughy Duo rips through a slate of weighty CFL topics, among them:  

•  Solid reasons for Hamilton Tiger-Cats to be optimistic in the short term despite the loss of Collaros;

•  a revisiting/reenactment (and a likely fairly accurate one at that) of the Ricky Ray trade;

•  the Blue Bombers’ addition of Ian Wild and release of Jasper Simmons; and

•  more on the Huffnagel question, with sources saying he wants to keep the Calgary Stampeders head coach post but a seemingly inevitable promotion of Dave Dickenson looks to squeeze him out.

These insights plus Fantaseh analysis (about which this player hopes Currah is completely incorrect, having to face him in the CFLpass league this weekend), CFL Pick ‘Em picks, and new theme “music” for the Edmonton Eskimos make up 2 And Out CFL Podcast, episode 18; download it here or click on the banner directly below.

– written by Os Davis