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2 and Out CFL Podcast ep. 17 helps makes sense of colliding marshmallows

Nothing like a little retina surgery and literal decimation of visual acuity to make you appreciate the value of a podcast. As much of a disgusting fanboy sycophant of the 2 And Out CFL Podcast I already am, never has my anticipation for the newest episode been greater.

Which is to say that Episode 17 of the 2 and Out CFL podcast, hosted by CFLpass lead writer Travis Currah and this week co-hosted by maybe-the-podcast intern (it’s all a bit confusing), “Brazilian Ty.”

Together, these two are well-prepped to help me make sense of variously coloured marshmallows colliding through a Vicodin-laced haze. This week, the stream of CFL consciousness washes over:

•  More home-stadium woes for the Toronto Argonauts vis-à-vis thanks to the Blue Jays playing in October;

•  the impact of Kevin Glenn starting for the Roughriders – 2 And Out listeners will recall Currah’s affinity for getting young Brett Smith more playing time rather than chase the playoff dream so no spoilers here;

•  that speculation about John Hufnagel departing the Calgary Stampeders in 2016;

•  Tyrelle Pyror, out of time in the NFL, his neg rights being owned by BC Lions, and just imagine combining Pryor’s CFL-ready skill set with the league’s statistically best offensive line whoa that’s nuts (and OK, 2 And Out doesn’t actually run off the conversational rail like so -- that's all stir-crazy me); and

•  welcoming Tajh Boyd to Winnipeg and Ty’s half(?)-serious contention that he should probably be no. 1 on the Bombers depth chart for this week.

And stick around for the Fantaseh talk – despite self-deprecating claims to the contrary, Currah is actually no. 70 overall in TSN’s Fantasy game – and Ty’s CFL Pick ‘Em picks. Suffice to say, this guy is well-worthy of some of your time, for, unlike so so many of us virtual duffers, he actually has a nice handle in CFL Pick ‘Em: The man has now ascended to an incredible no. 21 on the competition’s standings board.

CFLpass, for one, should probably just do the smart thing and copy the man’s…

Now this is true value in a podcast.

To check out episode 17 of the 2 And Out CFL Podcast, click here or on the banner directly below.

– written by Travis Currah