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Riders Announce Starting Quarterback

Following a disappointing 22-7 loss to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, the Saskatchewan Roughriders have already announced their starting quarterback for this Saturday’s game against the RedBlacks.



I’m in the camp that thinks Brett Smith should be starting the remainder of Saskatchewan’s games whether Kevin Glenn is healthy or not. They’re 1-10. They no longer hold the tie-breaker with Winnipeg *or* BC. Is there a chance the Roughriders make the playoffs? Yes. Will they? No.

Of the course the Roughriders aren’t mathematically eliminated from the playoffs so maybe this move is a last ditch effort to rack up some wins with a hot Ottawa team coming to town on Saturday. Could the Riders be showcasing Glenn to hopefully get something for him in a trade? That’s another option too.

The Roughrider offense still leads the league at just over 390 yards per game so the problem doesn’t lie with the quarterback position. DesGlenn looked great (he threw for 477 yards in Week 2) following the injury to Darian Durant before he went down with an injury of his own. 

What do the 1-10 Roughriders have to gain by starting a 36-year old quarterback? Nothing. I say let Brett Smith learn on the job and be your undisputed number two quarterback when Darian Durant returns next season.


– written by Travis Currah