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So long, Chamblin and Taman!

Following an embarrassing loss in Ottawa that moved Saskatchewan to 0-9 on the season and in which a bizarre decision was made to sit developing rookie quarterback Brett Smith in favour of Tino Sunseri, both head coach Corey Chamblin and general manager Brendan Taman have been fired.

Jeremy O’Day will step in as interim general manager while Bob Dyce will act as head coach for the remainder of the season.

Brendan Taman’s regular season record in Saskatchewan is a disappointing 44-46. Taman has taken plenty of criticism from Rider Nation ever since Darian Durant went down during the Banjo Bowl last year for poor recruiting and trading of draft picks leading to poor Canadian depth on the Roughriders.

Corey Chamblin’s regular season record since 2012 is also mediocre at 29-34. He’s been under fire for much of the season for calling defensive plays and taking care of the head coaching duties while “official” defensive coordinator Greg Quick seemingly had no control.

Winning the Grey Cup at home in 2013 has masked much of the mediocrity Taman and Chamblin have brought to Saskatchewan and why wouldn’t it? It was *the* biggest moment in Roughriders history. However, that was a team that was specially made for one playoff run with no consideration towards the future.

Football is a “what have you done for me lately” business and the Riders’ 0-9 start to the season clearly shows that change is needed in Regina.

– written by Travis Currah