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2 and Out CFL Podcast ep. 13 includes Macho Man Rider Savage – what else do you need…?

Now available online is episode 13 of the 2 and Out CFL podcast, this week hosted CFLpass lead writer Travis Currah and special guest star Jeannine, a.k.a. Ottawa Jay, of the Bleed RedBlacks show.

Travis and Jeannine drop a lot of science regarding Fantaseh football – featured among the discussions is talk about suddenly relevant sleeper-type Brandon Rutley, the wonderfulness of Odell Willis and the perils of playing Clarence Denmark – and swap stories about just how cold Grey Cups can get in advance of the potential new roofed Calgary stadiums.

But let’s face it: Anything on this podcast would be blown away by the appearance of Macho Man Rider Savage – even if you’re not fanatic (or old) enough to remember the career of the WWF/E’s original Macho Man.

(Besides, Roddy Piper was the man anyway! Whoa, talk about showing *my* age…)

So check out “2 and Out” for CFL talk to enjoy informative-yet-fun stuff from a couple folks in the know and the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ most, shall we say, ostentatious fan. Click on the banner directly below or head over to

Ohhhhhhhh, yeeeeeeeeeeeeah!

– written by Os Davis