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And now, turmoil in Cowtown (and on Twitter)

I’m all for athletes having Twitter to interact with their fans and “politely” trash talk the opponent, but the last three days have been like a Jerry Springer episode for the Calgary Stampeders.

Linebacker Jasper Simmons was traded to the Stampeders for Maurice Price after a great season with Ottawa in which he tallied 80 tackles and three interceptions. Remember, this was a 2-16 team whose defense was on the field *constantly*.

Simmons hasn’t been able to see the field in Calgary all that much and hasn’t been happy about it so his agent took to Twitter to voice his displeasure.

It probably should have just ended there. Not so fast. Veteran Stampeder receiver Marquay McDaniel saw the tweet and decided to take a shot at Jasper Simmons – as well as at former teammate Maurice Price.

Poor Mo Price.

Bo Levi Mitchell and Nik Lewis *also* got involved in the “Twitter war” once Price’s brother started tweeting McDaniel. Make sense? I think so.

I’m sure the Saskatchewan Roughriders hope this continues for a few more days so a very distracted Stamps team can come into Regina and lose to the winless Riders. Just imagine the tweets then…

– written by Travis Currah