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Disarray in Montreal as Bowman sits, Sam splits, Alouettes lose

Has anyone heard from Os Davis? [Who? Never heard of him… –Ed.]

No, really. I’m concerned about him after Montreal’s crushing defeat at the hands of the Edmonton Eskimos. The Alouettes literally gave that game right back to Edmonton after getting off to an amazing start.

An interception, a fumble, and another interception – that’s how the game started for the Alouette defense who entered this game with a chip on their shoulder after hearing nothing but how good the Eskimos defense is. Montreal got out to a 12-point lead only to get shut out the rest of the game and lose 15-12. Rakeem Cato is just a mere mortal.

But the real story surrounding this game has to be the suspicious absence of John Bowman:

The 10-year CFL veteran, who had amassed five sacks in six games, was sitting on the sidelines with no apparent injury. [And thus he, the sole member of the Alouettes D on my Fantaseh football team, collected dust on the virtual bench as well –Ed.] Bowman’s teammates looked like they didn’t agree with the decision, either, as during the pregame huddle, one player yelled “let’s do this for number seven!”

Some were speculating that Bowman may have had an issue with Michael Sam making “veteran money” while he was basically a practice roster guy. And I say “was,” because it seems like Michael Sam is now gone...

I wish the young man all the best in the future, but the Michael Sam “era” coming to an end must be considered a positive thing for the Montreal Alouettes, as it seems like it’s been nothing but a distraction for the team lately.

And things don’t get easier for Montreal, as they travel across Canada to the West Coast to take on “Team 100” and the BC Lions on Thursday. Tom Higgins had better hope he hasn’t “lost” the locker room.

– written by Travis Currah

[No, really, it's okay. I'm fine. Really, really fine... –Ed.]