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CFL Pick ‘Em, Week 8: Tempted by Brazilian Ty, guided by Bo Levi Mitchell

Another week in CFL Pick ‘Em, another 2-2 effort; it’s just *so* tempting to echo Ty Owchar’s picks and be done with it.

Owchar, as CFLpass visitors and 2 And Out CFL Podcast listeners recall, is a guy currently enjoying an enviable 58% success rate in CFL Pick ‘Em this season, good for 202nd place on the current leaderboard over at the official site. (And to think that an average 3-2 mark puts Owchar in the top 1 percentile truly makes one want to give up the game in this wacky, unforecastable 2015 season…)

But no. I’ve got to stand firm in the face of adversity and not be afraid of it, put my name on it. With Coach Herm in mind, the following are the CFL Pick ‘Em picks I’m being a man about this week.

•  Nothing like starting with an easy one, i.e. the Edmonton Eskimos at Montreal Alouettes on Thursday night. The Als are coming off two heartbreaking losses, the Eskimos one which I’m still unsure actually happened. What CFLpass once reckoned as a straight-up battle of defences has become for Montreal the closest thing to a must-win a team can claim in a season’s first half.

For Alouettes fans, the elephant in the room has been the underwhelming play of Rakeem Cato under pressure; the second halves against the Ottawa RedBlacks and at the Calgary Stampeders were near-identically characterized by blanket coverage combined with steady wearing down of the OL.

(Young, flashy and ineffective in the back 30 minutes, Cato’s looking like the Bizarro Henry Burris in 2015.)

Unquestionably an excellent improviser, their QB’s throwaway picks and scrambling resulting from broken plays are aging Als fans in a hurry.

After flip-flopping repeatedly over this one and trying to justify home-field advantage as enough for the W, CFLpass very hesitantly says a third straight heartbreak’s in store: Edmonton Eskimos over Montreal Alouettes.

•  The Thursday night slugfest is chased by three games which are should be could be might be slightly easier to predict. On Friday, the Argonauts go to Winnipeg to meet a Blue Bombers team chasing a throttling defeat on a short week with Robert Marve at QB and Not Paris Cotton leading an already limp running game – but hey, at least we’ll finally know #WhatMarveDid. Toronto Argonauts over Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

•  Look, if CFLpass gets cute here, Does The Opposite, or applies some other voodoo logic to justify another BC miracle for the win, praising that sick Elimimian-Bighill 1-2 punch all the way, I’m fairly certain the entire Tiger-Cats defence would slowly smother me into submission, picking off posts and sacking me repeatedly throughout next week. Hamilton Tiger-Cats over BC Lions.

•  Finally, I’m keeping calm and Bo Leviing On.

After all, I’m well past trying to *understand* the Ottawa RedBlacks, who are somehow still undefeated against all teams not named the Edmonton Eskimos. Who are the only East Division team with a negative point differential yet stand in second place. At 4-2. With a quarterback who’s a contemporary of Jeff Garcia.

I meditated on this meme…

…in an attempt to interpret the positive karma showering the RedBlacks right now, most recently manifesting in the gracing of the critical gift of pass interference from Dominique Easley.

The hours passed and Bo spoke to me. Yes, Bo spoke and yea verily did he reassure me of the purity and goodness of Statistics. These bizarre and troubling outcomes always seemingly landing in favour of these impossible underdogs will be settled in due time.

Believe – nay, Bo Levi – did this vision of Mitchell exhort me to believe in the Holy Regression To The Mean and to recall the Axiom of Faith: “Ultimately Talent Wins Out.”

So Bo Levi On: Calgary Stampeders over Ottawa RedBlacks. (Sound of CFLpass confidently walking into a buzzsaw. This buzzsaw, in fact.)

And for the record, Owchar’s going with Edmonton, Toronto, Hamilton and Calgary.

Naw, man, he copied me…

– written by Os Davis