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2 and Out CFL Podcast ep. 12 riffs on the depression of Bombers fans, the greatness of Mosca, CFL fandom in USA, more

Episode 12 of the 2 and Out CFL podcast, hosted by CFLpass lead writer Travis Currah and Saskatoon-based sports journo John Fraser – some 60-plus minutes’ worth of quality football speak – is now available online.

Among this week’s talking points:

•  Give Fraser some room to destroy the dumbest tweet of the week; apparently the guys will be torching any kneejerk, spurious comparisons of CFL football to the big league to the south throughout the rest of 2015, as the NFL machine starts up in earnest this week with preseason games.

•  The Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ “skill players” on offense are shredded, so 2 And Out speculate on whether the Winnipeg brain trust will make a deal (perhaps for Ricky Ray…?) or simply run with Brian Brohm or Robert Marve.

•  Naturally there’s a bit of waxing nostalgic about the immortal Angelo Mosca, whose number will soon be retired by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats – like these guys, CFLpass can’t believe #68 isn’t already hanging in the Hamilton rafters. Fraser appeals to the blogosphere to not necessarily play up the incident with Joe Kapp in 2011 in deference to the man’s career in the CFL and/or pro wrestling.

•  200,000 US-based viewers tuned into the ESPN broadcast last week, prompting some optimism from Currah & Fraser that CFL fandom is growing in the States. They see American viewership of the Canadian game as a welcome addition to the US sports fan’s – and particularly the US football fan’s – viewing schedule. Personally speaking as a yank, I can agree wholeheartedly and have been pushing this line throughout the NFL offseason. Also: imagine a Roughriders fan from San Diego...

•  How serious are the attendance problems in BC?

•  And for the “Are You Smarter Than Two Overweight Canadian Podcasters?”, a.k.a. futilely attempting to pick the winners in this week’s games and yes i did go another measly 2-2 last week in CFL Pick Em why do you ask, 2 And Out podcast friend/tweeter extraordinaire Tyrell Owchar comes aboard.

Owchar is slowly gaining notoriety in CFL podcasting circles as the Ottawa RedBlacks pile up wins: In the tradition of 2 And Out, Owchar is participating in an outrageous wager which may yet see him come out on the losing end with a grievous payout which makes me squeamish to even ponder. However, Owchar is in fact a man to listen to with regard to CFL Pick ‘Em, right on the border of the top 200 with a record of 58% thus far.

What’s Ty picking this week? Tune in to “2 and Out” this week to find out. Click on the banner directly below or head over to


– written by Os Davis