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Buddy Jackson calls out Ronda Rousey

Ben D’Aguilar of the Calgary Stampeders caught a hilarious moment on his cell phone in the Stamps locker room and sent it out in this wonderful tweet.

That’s right. Second-year defensive back Buddy Jackson has officially called out Ronda Rousey, arguably the biggest star in the UFC.

A word of advice, Buddy – if you want your career to last longer than two seasons, don’t mess with Ronda! I know you outweigh her by about fifty pounds, but Rousey has in Tysonesque fashion won her last four fights in a combined 130 seconds; she spent more time *getting to the ring* at UFC 190 than she did in it during those four fights.

Don’t do it, Buddy!

My money is on Rousey, too, Bo. We could be seeing UFC back in Calgary before the end of this year; if that happens, wouldn’t it be awesome [and, among Stamps fans, stressful –Ed.] to see if Buddy Jackson could even last two minutes with the Champ?

– written by Travis Currah