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CFL Pick ‘em, Week 6: Things are becoming clearer – ah, who am I kidding?

Okay, so after a wacky first five weeks of the 2015 CFL season, certain things are finally starting to make sense. For example:

• The Edmonton Eskimos are indeed a bona fide Grey Cup contender, hammering home the point with a 28-point second-half barrage against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers last week.

• Aside from said Eskimos, the Eastern four look ready to reclaim CFL supremacy after generally lackluster performances in 2014.

• Mysterious play-calling and injury complaints aside, the Saskatchewan Roughriders are simply just not that good this season. (Sorry, Rider Nation, but if Currah is willing to admit it…)

• The Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Montreal Alouettes defences are good-unto-outstanding, having adapted to those rule changes quicker than any other teams.

• The Ottawa RedBlacks are…

Well, this is where the self-assurance and certainty falls apart, crumbling like a fourth-quarter Saskatchewan defensive scheme in the fourth quarter. Is this crazy patchwork of a second-year squad – O-line, of which development was emphasized from day one, excepted – led by 463-year-old QB Henry Burris really 3-0 against teams not named the Edmonton Eskimos? Is Burris really on pace to earn his statistically best season ever?

This team, whose leading rusher has been good for 3.4 yards per carry, is 3-2? And if Hamilton loses to the Toronto Argonauts last week, the RedBlacks on the bye can still hold on to second place?

I’m kidding myself. This season still makes no sense, but we must plough on through another week of CFL Pick ‘Em And Weep. Including yesterday’s pick (another L for yours truly, naturally), CFLpass’s slate looks as follows; adjust your own choices accordingly.

– written by Os Davis