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A brief history of the Winnipeg Beer Snake

The Beer Snake is a thing of legend in Winnipeg and its legend just continues to grow. If you don’t know about The Beer Snake, basically fans drink their beer and connect the empty cups to create a long line of cups that look quite like a snake.

As you can tell, it may be something that wouldn’t sit well with families or children sitting in the section but awesome nonetheless. Not *everyone* has to follow the Church of Beer Snake, right?

The phenomenon was actually banned in 2010 at the old Canad Inns Stadium when some fans were bothered by some tumbling beer cups hitting them.

However, right before ticket sales began for the 2015 season, Winnipeg announced that the Beer Snake would be returning – though the mighty beast would be restricted to the Fanatic Fan Zone. Ticket sales increased, the party started and a frickin’ religion was created.

Now, the Beer Snake has been “declared” an official wildlife species by Hinterland Who’s Who, a Canadian institution that educates Canadians on the wildlife in our beautiful country!

Welcome back, Beer Snake! I’m glad the Blue Bombers were able to revive this once extinct species and have it thrive again at Investor’s Group Field.

– written by Travis Currah

[Editor’s note: As seen in the video directly below, the unofficial world record for world’s longest-ever beer snake is claimed by the Australians. This plastic serpent known as “The Beer Anaconda” was estimated by (somewhat biased) local media to have measured 175 metres in length and was constructed during a rain-delayed ODI cricket match between Australia and Sri Lanka in Sydney in January 2013 – something to aim for, Winnipeg Beersnake Churchgoers!]