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2 and Out CFL Podcast ep. 10 features TSN Sportscentre’s Derek Taylor dropping science on giving up safeties, short field goals

Episode 10 of the always fantastic 2 and Out CFL podcast hosted by CFLpass lead writer Travis Currah and Saskatoon-based sports journo John Fraser is now available online.

You’d think that Currah (as a Roughriders fan) and Fraser (supporting the Blue Bombers) would be too depressed to perform, but here they are right on schedule. How did they do it, exactly? The answers provided in this podcast: A secret menu item at Dairy Queen and the tons of chuckles provided by #WhatMavreDid-marked tweets, respectively.

Before the guys get to interviewing Derek Taylor of TSN’s “Sportscentre”, they horrify us with totally TMI tales of sharing a bed during the week of the 2011 Grey Cup. Also, we should probably fearing for Fraser’s life, as the man has now promised to drink 37 beers this weekend.

Speaking with Taylor, a “real sports anchor”, gets the serious CFL talk into high gear. Taylor gives his perspective on certain young quarterbacks including Montreal’s Rakeem Cato and Toronto’s Trevor Harris. More importantly, though, do check out the Sportscentre host’s fascinating (and mathematically correct) arguments against giving up a safety *and* against kicking field goals on 3rd-and-1.

So tune into “2 and Out” this week directly below or over at and appreciate these guys for overcoming the blues while giving up the body.

(Also: Are the Blue Bombers, in fact, cursed...?)

– written by Os Davis