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Saskatchewan vs. Edmonton: Another chapter in CFL billboard warfare

Despite losing four games in a row to start the season, the Saskatchewan Roughriders are back at it with the “billboard warfare” in Edmonton.

As you can see, these advertisements aren’t something Eskimos fans are particularly fond of, even though this isn’t the first time the Roughriders have done something like this in Edmonton. The Eskimos must have secretly thanked the Roughriders for this billboard in 2009 because, despite losing the game, over 60,000 people filled the seats of Commonwealth Stadium due to the buzz surrounding the ad.

Last year, the Roughriders “attacked” numerous teams including the Lions in Vancouver and the Blue Bombers in Winnipeg.

Some teams have responded to Saskatchewan’s taunts but not all of them have ended up with favourable results. Lions president Dennis Skulsky guaranteed a win over the Riders when the billboard appeared only to lose the game. He was then forced to come through on his promise of dishing out thousands of free tickets to the fans in attendance. The Eskimos ran satirical radio ads calling Roughrider fans “horrible human beings” and received a huge backlash for it.

It’s not like the Eskimos and Blue Bombers are angels in this billboard war either. The Esks trashed the Riders and the 13th Man Fiasco in 2010 and then they took out this ad space before the Labour Day Classic against the Stampeders in Calgary in 2011.

The Bombers also got into the game when they taunted the Roughriders and their 1-7 record heading into the 2011 Labour Day Classic with this ad. Oh, the Roughriders won that game.

I absolutely *love* these billboards. I love when the Riders do it in Edmonton and other cities and I love when the Bombers or Eskies do it in Regina. It gets people talking and I, for one, am now a lot more excited for the July 31st match between the Roughriders and Eskimos, despite the terrible start for the Green & White...


– written by Travis Currah