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Parity. Just … parity

Is it me or is CFL Pick’Em more difficult than it’s ever been? After the Montreal Alouettes defeated the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on Thursday night, I’m left questioning everything. Is the sky really blue? Is water really wet?

[Do the opposite, man! –Ed.]

My head is spinning and I second guess every decision when I’m picking the winners. I don’t know what to believe anymore!

[If every instinct you have is wrong… –Ed.]

The TiCats came into this game off a BYE but the week before they absolutely crushed Winnipeg 52-26.

The BYE certainly didn’t help Hamilton this time around. More time to prepare and more time to heal should definitely be a *good* thing but maybe they had this break a little too early into the season.

Or maybe everyone just forgot about that awful losing streak Hamilton has in Montreal?

[Up is down! Black is white! Good is bad! Day is night! –Ed.]

Anthony Calvillo was a big factor in that TiCats losing streak but now it seems like the Alouettes defense is the difference forcing three interceptions last night. Still, the Tiger-Cats are a team that is expected to be the class of the East Division with arguably the best coach in the entire Canadian Football League.

Or maybe the rest of the league has just gotten that much better. Eight games this season have been decided by seven points or less. The amount of penalty flags we’re seeing on the field is drawing a lot of complaints from fans but the games are as close and as exciting as ever.

I’m willing to sacrifice Pick’Em success for the entertainment that these games are providing. It sounds clichéd, but right now any given team could win on any given night.

– written by Travis Currah