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CFL Pick ‘em Hero of Week 3: Travis Lulay

There’s more than one way of considering the game-changers in BC Lions’ upset win over the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Saturday. In fact, easier than proclaiming a hero as game-changer might be to find a villain in stripes or a goat in green.

In BC’s first win of 2015 and Jeff Tedford’s first as CFL head coach, CFLpass could easily accentuate the negative: For example, the referees threatening to grind the game to an ugly, grinding halt in a seeming quest to break any football league’s season record for flags thrown.

Or the questionable way-too-conservative coaching by Corey Chamblin which has the Rider Nation calling for his head three games into ’15 and about 1½ calendar years off a Grey Cup win.

Or that porous, lackadaisical-looking defense who may be blamed again for a fourth-quarter disaster.

But nah: Let’s give credit where credit is due instead. BC fans can instead rejoice in Lulay’s evident full recovery from his shoulder injury of 2014 and fully appreciate the man’s skills in the clutch while advancing the ball at will in the fourth quarter and overtime. Beyond turning in perhaps the CFL’s most impressive line this season in going 34-of-44 for 404 yards and three TDs against zero interceptions, all Lulay did was complete 10 of his last 11 attempts and produce 20 points in the Lions comeback.

Just imagine how impressive it might have looked without help from the zebras and opposing sideline…

– written by Os Davis