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2 and Out CFL podcast #8: On flags, Bear Woods replacements and fat guy TDs

Episode 8 of the excellent 2 and Out CFL podcast hosted by CFLpass lead writer Travis Currah and Saskatoon-based sports journo John Fraser is now available online.

This week, the guys brings us their trademark brand of frivolity and analysis with the accent on the Saskatchewan Roughriders' difficulties, but a whole lot more.

Among the highlights:

•  Currah's foolish bet on the Montreal Alouettes last week resulting in a bit of public humiliation to start off the show, for which the guys recommend a Labatts or two before hearing;

•  naturally, a discussion of the ubiquitous flag-throwing, including an interesting supposition, i.e. despite the new rules regarding receivers and special-teams play, is the controversy really about objectionable conduct?;

•  discussion of the fun of the "sneakdown" ticket improvement plan;

•  adulation of Zach Evans's awesome fat guy TD;

•  tips on to replace Bear Woods and what to do about Anthony Coombs in Fantaseh football; and

•  a measurement of the level of panic Roughriders fan should be feeling right about now, with a not-at-all easy short-term future ahead.

All this plus a good ol' Ticats-themed tune from 2012. Click here to check out 2 and Out episode 8 and get some great CFL talk in your MP3 player to entertain during this notoriously weak week in North American sports...