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Normalcy restored in CFL: Esks flex muscle, RedBlacks look green

Suddenly the Edmonton Eskimos look like Grey Cup contenders again and the Ottawa RedBlacks again look like a second-year team. All is right in the CFL again.

Commonwealth Stadium is never an easy stadium to play in and no one knows this better than Henry Burris, who has played their *many* times during his time with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Edmonton Eskimos. 46-17, though?! Ottawa had me convinced that they’d at least put up a fight in this game. Edmonton must have been ticked off after their loss to the Toronto Argonauts in Fort McMurray last week.

Adarius Bowman looked like he’s on his way to repeating his 2014 campaign with five catches for 120 yards and a touchdown, but the highlight of the game was probably the German suplex Deon Lacey of the Eskimos laid on Ottawa’s Chris Williams. Check the tape here. You’re up 30 points and you feel the need to go “WWE” on someone? Jeez!

Disappointing experience at Commonwealth

If I sound a little sour, it’s because I am. I’ve visited Commonwealth Stadium upwards of thirty times but last night’s visit could top the list for my worst experience there ever.

Canada is a mixing pot of cultures and it was great to see fans of the Tiger-Cats, Argonauts, Blue Bombers, and Roughriders representing their favourite teams in the stands last night. As a Saskatchewan Roughriders fan, I fully expect some light-hearted teasing when I show up to Commonwealth wearing my Rider gear for an Ottawa/Edmonton game. Those Eskimo fans took it to a whole new level last night.

Here’s my take on people wearing gear of other teams in a visiting stadium: You paid money for your ticket, so wear whatever the hell you want. I spent a pretty coin on my season tickets so you better believe I’ll be showing my Rider Pride in the stands every time I’m there. Just because I move from Saskatchewan, George moves from Winnipeg or Bill moves from Hamilton doesn’t mean that we should just cheer for a different team. Just appreciate that these fans are supporting the Canadian Football League and helping your team improve by feeding *their* money into tickets and concessions.

I would have loved to have pictures here for CFLpass, but my mood was absolutely ruined in the first quarter of the game when I ended up wearing a fan’s beer. Red flags went off in my head when I showed up to my seat just before kickoff to see an extremely inebriated patron sitting in my seat. I’m a pretty easygoing guy so I just showed him my ticket and there were no problems ... yet.

He took the seat directly behind me and just laid into me for being a Roughriders fan. Part of the reason I *do* have season tickets for the Eskies is so I can take my girlfriend, Taylor, to the games. She loves the Eskimos! It sucks when her team gets the better of mine but it’s something that I’m actually quite used to, sadly.

Like a duck, I just let his insults roll off my back like water but easier said than done when three-quarters of a Coors Light drenches your jersey and shorts. Taylor had some beer on her as well but the can literally fell on my shoulder and sat there with suds running down my chest.

Not really. I calmly picked the beer off of my shoulder and poured the rest on the concrete below me. The fellow behind me claimed that his friend went for a high five and smashed the beer out of his hand onto me. I was too busy being disgusted with the feeling of beer drenching my Rider jersey. It really works better if you drink it.

I’ll never understand the phenomenon of treating sporting events like a bar. It’s almost like some patrons treat their ticket as an overpriced cover charge so they can drink and act like it’s acceptable.

Having a few beers with your football is totally cool but if you’re get so drunk that it’s nothing but foul language around the children in the stands and spilling your beer on the people around you, just stay home.

I’m really looking forward to enjoying Friday Night Football from my couch…


– written by Travis Currah