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CFL Pick ‘em Hero of the Week: Rene Paredes

After week one, so many questions...

Questions like how many quarterbacks will be left standing at the end of next week? Are the Ottawa RedBlacks truly realistically looking to start 2-0 and the Montreal Alouettes 0-2? And is every week in CFL Pick ‘em going to go like opening week 2015? CFLpass can’t decide whether to blame the oddity on simply the uncertainty of any week one, to write off the anomalies to tiny sample size or to just straight up stock up on Betaxolol.

At least one outcome made sense – and that just barely, thanks to the last-second heroics of this week’s CFLpass Pick ‘em Hero of the Week, Rene Paredes of the Calgary Stampeders.

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar – and, by my calculations, some should apply to 64% to 80% of CFL Pick ‘em players.

Having already watched my chosen Montreal Alouettes go down to a third-string quarterback who reportedly received no reps in practices leading up to the game, a feeling of doom descended upon my soon-to-be lowly 0-2 Pick ‘em entry. The contribution of 15 first-quarter points from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats’ defence and special teams in the first quarter belied what we were told was a shredded depth chart, keeping the Stamps at bay for the first 59 minutes.

And then, in the best tradition of sport, Bo Levi-Mitchell (hero!) turned the defending champs’ fortunes around immediately with a 28-yarder to Jeff Fuller (another hero!).

But while the clutch completion in theory put Calgary and Paredes within field goal range, this already-depressed Pick ‘em player thought that 50 yards looked looooooooooooooooooong. TSN color commentary reminded that the Venezulean had not hit from this range in all of 2014, and Paredes’ field goal was in fact ultimately the longest made and second-longest attempt in CFL week one games.

Thus did the champions celebrate their opening-day win, while Parades becomes another Stampeder to join Tiger-Cats fans’ enemies list; Calgary’s winning streak against Hamilton now stands at eight straight overall and 11 straight at home.

Best of all on a personal level, of course, was the relatively huge leap forward on my Pick ‘em entry, which now stood at 1-1. Much better.

Except that Saturday saw both the Edmonton Eskimos and Saskatchewan Roughriders – each chosen by over 80% of CFL Pick ‘em players – lose.

Mutter, mutter, gripe, grrrrrr…

– written by Os Davis