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One bold prediction on Darian Durant

Rider Nation is expecting big things from the Saskatchewan Roughriders and their star quarterback Darian Durant as he comes into the 2015 season with a surgically repaired elbow. That’s the great thing about this time of year; *every* fan has reason to have optimism for their team. Everyone is tied for first!

Darian Durant has some very hefty goals though...

How many yards?! Passing for 6,000 yards is the equivalent of rushing for 2,000: Simply put, it just doesn’t happen all that often. The following is a list of the CFL quarterbacks who have broken 6K.

•  Doug Flutie (in 1991)

•  Kent Austin (1992)

•  Doug Flutie again (1993)

•  David Archer (1993)

•  Anthony Calvillo (2004)

Here’s to thinking that the new rule changes may just help Darian Durant and his bionic elbow make it to that iconic mark…

– written by Travis Currah