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CFL stars vs. Team Canada women’s soccer in trick shot challenge

For the past week, CFL stars have been challenging Canada’s Women’s Soccer Team to various trick shots and the ladies have been answering back.

This video from the CFLers got things rolling…

Impressive stuff: Adam Bighill of the BC Lions is known more for his tackling ability but he sure showed some finesse with that football.

In response, the Team Canada ladies fired back with:

This prompted a response from the CFL stars as they attempted the (ping-off-the-) crossbar challenge.

And on Thursday, the rolling competition continued when Toronto Argonauts long snapper Jake Reinhart took the crossbar challenge to a whole other level.

It says here that seeing football’s most underrated players get some well-earned recognition is *awesome*: Long snappers never get their due but are always the first to blame when a kicker doesn’t get the perfect snap – and apparently carry an inherent ability to craft YouTube masterpieces. Sasketchewan Roughriders snapper Jorgen Hus made this video a few years back, the Edmonton Eskimos’ Ryan King this and the aforementioned Reinhart produced this beauty.

Also awesome is to see the CFL and Canadian Women’s Soccer Team support each other this way – I mean, the ladies are using the CFL facilities for the FIFA Women’s World Cup, so why not? TFC fans and this guy could learn a thing or two about what being Canadian is all about.

CFLpass loves these videos, so keep it up, ladies and gentlemen!

– written by Travis Currah