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Alouettes GM: Michael Sam “50/50” to sign with team

Has ever a seventh-round NFL draft choice garnered so much headline attention for washing out in a single season? Well, here’s Michael Sam’s name bearing down upon us from sports pages virtual and otherwise – and this time it’s emanating from Canada.

After turning in what was characterized by some in-the-know as a “flat out horrible” performance at the NFL’s Veterans Combine of last week, it appears as though Sam will be heading to the CFL; specifically, he’ll be playing for the Montreal Alouettes if general manager Jim Popp has his way.

In an interview with the Montreal Gazette yesterday, Popp stated that “His agent knows” the opportunity for Sam to play with the Alouettes in 2015 is viable. “They’re ready. They know [the CFL] may be what it is. It’s Michael who has to make the decision,” said Papp, finishing up his comments with “Seriously, I’d say our chances are 50/50.”

Despite Sam’s quite limited success after completing his term with the University of Missouri, Popp is optimistic about the player’s future in Canada. “The CFL is cut out perfectly for his style. It would give him the opportunity to do what he does best.”

This is, of course, the typical description made of an aspirant US-born CFL player in Sam’s mold: an NFL-undersized guy with decent enough football IQ to play either side of the ball and good reaction time. In the 12-man game, off the edge on the pass rush, Popp reckons Sam can find a niche.

Now all the Alouettes have to do is sign the man.