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Homer Simpson: Closet CFL Fanatic

In season three, episode three (“When Flanders Failed”) of the ridiculously long-running program, we find the home-alone Homer enthralled with (presumably) the 1991 CFL Draft. Naturally, like an episode from the strongest Simpsons seasons, you’ll surely have forgotten the origin point of the bit by the time the clip ends…

Don’t be fooled by the outward lack of enthusiasm on Homer’s part. After all, to be watching the 15th round of the CFL Draft on TV in the pre-online streaming days of 1991 certainly required some serious devotion – at least a satellite worth a small fortune.

And this is certainly no slacking sports station looking to fill dead time, either; seriously, check out the analysis reckoning that the Saskatchewan Roughriders will be looking to fill needs in the kicking game after a disappointingly low number of rouges were accrued by the team in its 9-9 season of ’90.

A different CFL draft from Brad Wall on Vimeo.

Now 523 episodes (or approximately 12,000 viewing minutes) later into the show’s run, this all-too-brief look at the draft remains just one of two references to the CFL ever slipped into the Simpsons – the other coming ever so briefly in episode 14 of the same season (the perennially rerun “Lisa The Greek”).

What a lack of respect – I mean, even the Canadian men’s basketball team has gotten more screentime…