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Early odds on 103rd Grey Cup winner

Odds on the winner of next year’s Super Bowl were published by sportsbooks upon opening for business the Monday after. By this time, early lines on the upcoming CFL season and the 103rd Grey Cup were also available for punters to ruminate over – at distressingly few online outfits. (Sigh.)

Before we get into commentary on the subject of the latest odds for the 2015 CFL season, let’s run the disclaimer bit.

This article or any other appearing on CFLpass does not necessarily indicate any endorsement of gambling; any links to online gambling outlets and/or bookmaking websites on this site indicate a quality-control check by CFLpass with regard to fairness and legality. We also encourage all to know their local laws regarding gambling on sports and to play responsibly when doing so.

The inclusion of oddsmakers as a source for stories is done due to one simple fact: Professional bookmakers earn their living by the accuracy of their lines and offerings. The truth is that, whether player X or team Y turns in a career-worst or recordbreaking performance in a given game, the payout is the same. A bookmaker who has a bad week stands to lose untold amounts of income – Simply put, these guys have to know their stuff.

The small handful of online sportsbooks with odds on the next Grey Cup reveal unfortunately little. As is typical of such first predictions, the defending champion Calgary Stampeders are booked as the online favorites with a bit of deviation: An outfit called puts the ‘Pedes chances for back-to-back titles at 7/2, while the suddenly ubiquitous Bovada has them at 3/1 and Ireland-based giant Paddy Power offers a slightly eccentric 10/3.

Paddy Power appears to be the sole sportsbook with a little insight into the offseason goings-on in the CFL, placing the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the second-favorite spot with a line of 9/2, whereas most others have the team at 5/1 or longer while the Edmonton Eskimos land at no. 2 on most oddsmakers’ tables.

The most overrated club going into 2015? Based on these earliest lines, CFLpass would have to hedge with BC Lions, who are hardly considered thus far the longshot they certainly look to become in ’15 after making minimal changes to an underperforming roster.

A composite table for odds to win the 103rd Grey Cup follows.

Calgary Stampeders: 3/1 to 7/2

Saskatchewan Roughriders: 9/2 to 11/2

Edmonton Eskimos: 9/2 to 5/1

BC Lions: 6/1

Hamilton Tiger-Cats: 6/1 to 13/2

Montreal Alouettes: 7/1 to 8/1

Toronto Argonauts: 8/1

Winnipeg Blue Bombers: 9/1 to 10/1

Ottawa RedBlacks: 20/1 to 30/1